• Camouflage

    Camouflage has become a global cult in today's fashion and design world.Its fascinating story tells of the interplay between milit

  • Tannery

    Tuscan tanneries are excellences whose main target remains offering a very high quality product that can't be separated from a cor

  • Colors come back

    In the spirit of the new trends,colors has an important role and matches precious and versatiles leathers:from soft nappa to gloss

  • Ovine and crossed

    The sheepskin comes from lambs and sheeps generally their skin is soft ,smooth and quite extensible and very suitable for garment

  • Suede leathers

    One of the most precious leather is suede ,that is obtained by subjecting the leather to a complex treatment. During this process

  • Hides for leather

    Hides for leather goods are suitable for the production of bags and accessories and must personalize your creation. It doesn't mat

  • Leather making

    To produce leather animal skins and hides are treated with chemicals to preserve them and make them suitable for use as footwe....

  • Embossed leather

    Embossing is a mechanical process by which a pattern is pressed with pressure and heat on the surface of leather. The most comm...

  • Stretch

    Lambskin and suede can be made elastic through a process of washing and coupling with a stretch fabric. After this process the ...

  • Leopard print

    Lions may be the kings of the jungle ,but leopards dominatethe fashion sphere.It's no surprise that this remains the most ...

  • Rodeo drive

    Rodeo drive: Western style may sound intimidating, but it isnít. Julia Hobbs breaks down the freshest ways to channel ...

  • Leathers

    Most leathers have a printed number on the back side of the hide with the number of square feet or square meter for that ...

  • Types of leather

    The chemical process by which animal skins are turned into pliable skin is known as tanning. This takes approximately six weeks...


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