• Handmade Leather
    Our company has been an active member of the leather market for over thirty years
    and we have become known for our continued research and development of new articles.
  • 2019 Leather Collection
    We produce material for footwear, clothing, and leather goods from sheep, goats, half calves, and split leather. Our manufacturing
    is characterized by innovation and the creation of fashionable, a la mode products.
  • Trendy leathers
    for footwear, clothing and goods.

Treding fashion

Our company has been operating on the italian and international market for over thirty years, buying raw skins all over the world and working them in Santacroce sull'Arno, the tannery pole of excellence settled in Tuscany. The online shop has been made to show our quality products and make them available even to the smallest craft businesses around the world. It doesn't matter if you need just one or two skins since now you can buy just what you need. We make available to everybody our experience and our made in Italy products.

We produce a wide range of items:

Stretch leather, that shapes on your body like a second skin, suitable for the production of clothing and over the knee boots, laminated leathers for your most amazing creations, embossed leathers suitable for footwear and leathers goods, lasercut skins for amazing clothing production, coupled leathers with fabric or lace, leathers with metallic foil, digital printed leathers or simply a soft nappa or suede!

Do you want to customize your leather?
Do you want to produce your collection in Italy?
Do you want to place a leather order?
Send us your request at info@fancyleatheronline.com ,we will make our best to meet your needs! In the fancyleather's world all your dreams come true!

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douglas print
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